Food & Beverage

James White fruit and vegetable juices

Fine pressed, organic juices.
Straight from White's farm in Suffold, UK.

Available in 250ml and 750ml bottles.

Cold Press juices and smoothies

UK's first juice brand to use HPP (High Pressure Pressing) technology.
Retains all natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1litre bottles.

Cawston Press juices

Pressed not concentrate
Still and sparkling juices

Available in cans and tetra packs.

Pip Organic juices and smoothies for children

No added sugar, no water, no preservatives, no concentrate.

Available in 180ml bottles and 330 tetra packs.

Manic Organic juices for children by James White

100% organic pressed juices

Available in 250ml bottles.

Sunrich Naturals organic soy milk

Also lactose-free, gluten-free, no cholesterol.
Great for coffees and teas.

Available in 250 bottles.

Treevitalise organic birch water

Rich sap extract from birch trees growing in Carpathian mountains.
Contains natural antioxidents, vitamins and minerals. No added sugar, flavourings or preservatives.

Available in 250ml glass bottles.

Vitamin Well enriched drink

No.1 brand in Sweeden. Enriched with vitamins and minerals.
Maintains body's balances and well-being.

Available in 500ml bottles.

Coco Pro energising drink

UK's leading hydrating revovery drink. Great for post workout.
Packed with vitamin C, whey protein and electrolytes.

Available in 300ml tetra packs in pineapple or coconut flavour.

Organinc whey protein by The Organic Protein Company UK

Grass-fed, additive-free,certified organic whey protein.

Available in 400g environmental-friendly, biodegradable packs.

Muscle Mousse protein dessert

A delicious, all-natural, low-fat protein mousse dessert.
Comes in milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut chocolate caramel, vanilla and strawberry.

Available in 750g packs.

Birchall premium tea

Award winning British Premium and traditional teas.
Hand picked quality tea since 1872.

Comes in elegant packaging (loose tea, prism tea, everyday tea and food service).

Birt & Tang detox teas

Helps in slimming, digestion and relaxation. Aslo boosts immunity and overall well-being.
Organic range: Green tea, peppermint, white tea and jasmine
Comes in 25, 50 and 150 sachets.

Natur Boutique well-being teas

Organic range: Artichoke (digestion), lemongrass (relaxation), ginger (uplifting), green tea & cinnamon (well-being), diet (slimming)

Comes in 20 sachets.

Drink Me Chai decaf tea

99% caffeine free
Exotic tea blends featuring vanilla, peppermint and mixed spices. Also comes in 'skinny' and fruit flavours.
Available in loose tea (tins) and 20g sachets.

Beanies low-calorie coffee

Sugar-free, instant coffee
Comes in popular flavours like hazelnut, almond, double chocolate and Irish cream

Available in 50gm glass jar.

Beanies low-calorie coffee

Sugar-free, instant coffee
Comes in popular flavours like hazelnut, almond, double chocolate and Irish cream.

Available in 50gm glass jar.>

Get Fruity bars

Made from natural fruits, gluten-free oats and virgin coconut oil
A yummy, healthier choice of treats for children

Available in 35g bars (paks of 6 or 25 bars)

Island Bakery biscuits

Famous, handmande biscuits from the unspoilt Isle of Mull. A family recipe featuring all-organic ingredients, made in a plant using renewable energy.
Comes in great British flavours like shortbread, chocolate ginger and apple crumbles.
Available in 35g or 100g.

Against The Grain biscuits

Free from wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs. No additives, salt and hydrogenated fats.
Made from all organic ingredients with a dash of ginger, chocolate chip or hazelnut.

Available in 150g box

Qnola quinoa-based granola

A power breakfast food pairing organic quinoa with exotic fruits, roots and nuts.
Free from fluten, dairy and refined sugar. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Available in 150g box.

Eat Real Quinoa Chips

For healthy snackers who love a bit of zest (fancy quinoa chips paired with sour cream & chives, lime & chilli or sundried tomato & roasted garlic.)
Free from gluten, MSG and GMO. Suitable for vegans.
Available in 80g packs

Emily Fruit Crisps

Ever wanted to munch of a crispy snack that is not greasy?
These fruit crisps are low in fat with non of that "funny stuff" (free from gluten, sugar, and additives!)
Comes in 25g packs of apple, banana or pineapple crisps.

Scotts Farm Chips

A healthier but equally tasty alternative to regular potato crisps.
Made from farm-grown, hand-picked sweet potatoes, splashed with sunflower oil and a pinch of sea salt.
Packed in the UK.
Available in 24 x 40g pack of 12 x 100g packs.